Award Type and NFQ level : UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (8)

CAO/PAC code : MH404

CAO Points : 401

Closing Date : 01 July 2024

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If you are interested in business management that transcends national borders and in gaining deeper insights on how to conduct business across the globe, this is the degree for you. The people, cultural, operational, and marketing insights provided by studying International Business are critical to understanding the process of internationalising, managing diverse teams within and across business units, and responding to a range of international customers as well as the social, economic, political, legal and technological changes.

You will learn how organisations of all sizes internationalise their operations to exploit opportunities in the global market, while also developing key skills for lifelong learning, including how to analyse and think critically about solving business problems in an international environment.

Why choose this degree?

  • Our International Business degree is ideal for students with a global outlook who wish to work either in local firms competing abroad or in subsidiaries of foreign multinationals, located either here or abroad.
  • International Business students at Maynooth are offered unrivalled choice and flexibility. We offer modules that will develop both core business management knowledge as well as modules that provide a more specialist understanding of the international aspects of business.
  • International Business students also have the option of taking a four year degree with a work placement or study year abroad, thus combining what you learn in university with insights into industry or another culture.
  • To live and work effectively within the global economy, an understanding of the theory and practice of international business management is essential
  • This degree will equip you with the skills necessary to be employed by multi-national companies, work in different countries, offering you a range of exciting experiences, new knowledge, and other benefits that enhance careers.

Note: if you would like to study a language with Business (International) you will choose the Bachelor of Arts Degree MH101 instead. Available languages are Chinese, French, German, Nua-Ghaeilge and Spanish. Beginner and advanced language options available.

Duration: 3 years (4 years with optional placement or Erasmus/Study Abroad)

1st year

  • Introduce you to and deepen your interest in contemporary organisations within an international context through/via the fundamentals of business including International Business, Management, Marketing, Innovation, Business Ethics amongst other business modules.

2nd year

  • Concentrate on managing people and organisations when conducting business in international environments. In addition to core modules in International Business, a wide range of Business options will be available to you, including Marketing, Information Systems, and Operations Management.
  • Optional 10 credit Elective
  • Some students may choose to complete a work placement or study abroad year between 2nd and 3rd year and graduate after the 4th year. (The University will support you in the search for a placement job; however, the process is competitive).

Final year

  • Customise your degree.
  • Study International Business topics including how multinational businesses operate at a strategic level.
  • You will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options

Possible transfer option from the Bachelor of Arts degree MH101.

Course Duration: 3 years (BBS) or 4 years (BBA)

  • Business graduates are consistently among the most employable within the Irish education system. Today’s business world transcends traditional borders and one of the most important things to understand is that business is conducted differently in different cultures. The broad range of business skills and topics studied in this degree can lead to just about any career.
  • Building or running a business certainly takes some natural and/ or learned (acquired) talent. We will build our graduates’ talent. Understanding how international business works can take that talent to the next level. With business being ever more global, completing this degree could literally take you anywhere in the world!
  • Graduates will be well suited to employment in the Irish operation of a major multinational, working with Irish companies who supply to international customers, helping organisations to internationalise and grow, managing a diverse workforce and supply chain operations. Opportunities will also be available at a policy level, working for national organisations to promote Ireland as a destination for inward investment, for internationalising Irish business and for multinational operations in other countries.
  • Many of our students continue to further postgraduate study in a very wide range of Business, Accounting and Finance subjects at Maynooth University.
This table displays the requirements for Leaving Certificate applicants.
Subject Required Ordinary Level Grade Higher Level Grade
Irish Yes O6 H7
English Yes O6 H7
Language No N/A N/A
Math Yes O4 H7
Science No N/A N/A

International & EU/EFTA Entry Requirements

Mature Students

Mature Applicants 

Mature applicants are assessed separately to school-leavers. Mature applicants are 23 years or older by 1st January in the year of entry to the University. For part-time/flexible degrees the mature age is 21. 

Click here to be taken to our mature applicant information page - tab 3 on that page outlines application steps for this degree.

Mature applicants who have a disability 

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia), and require examination support for any written tests that may be required, please submit supporting documentation by 15 March 2024 to the Access Office. 

Unfortunately we are unable to consider applications for alternative examination accommodation after this deadline. 

For further information on the supporting documentation required, as well as examination and other supports visit the Access Office website.

01 February 2024

Additional Information

Leaving Certificate Applicants

Required to present (as a minimum): 2H5 & 4O6/H7, O6/H7 in Irish, English & O4/H7 Mathematics. MH404 Round 1 Points 2023: 401

Transfer option available into this degree from the Bachelor of Arts Degree MH101 - subject to meeting requirements.


DARE: The Disability Access Route to Education is a third level alternative admissions scheme for school-leavers whose disabilities have had a negative impact on their second level education.

HEAR: The Higher Education Access Route is a third level admissions scheme for school leavers from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Contact the Access Office for more information about these access routes.

The Maynooth Education

Click here for details about optional Critical Skills courses, Electives and degree pathways. 



The application process depends on the type of applicant you are. Click here for all information about how to apply.

Categories of applicant:

  • School-leavers (Leaving Certificate students)
  • Mature students (23 years or older by 1st January in the year of entry to the University/part-time degrees the mature age is 21)
  • EU/EFTA/UK students
  • International students (outside the EU)
  • QQI (Further Education) students
  • Transferring students
  • Deferring students
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