Whilst the University is closed for teaching for the moment, we are still working hard on preparations for the September 2020 intake. The International Office team are working remotely and answering queries as normal. For Covid-19 updates and guidelines, please review the relevant information in our Covid-19 Info Hub regularly. 

Maynooth University welcomes students from all our partner universities in Europe to spend a semester or a full year at Maynooth University under the Erasmus+ exchange programme. As a visiting Erasmus student at Maynooth, you will enjoy a wonderful and unique Maynooth experience, with top quality teaching and learning facilities, friendly staff, a beautiful campus, and fun social life. The Erasmus programme facilitates the mobility of thousands of students and encourages the development of innovative teaching, learning, and research collaborations among higher education institutions in the European Union. Under the Erasmus scheme, Maynooth University has developed exchange partnerships with over 100 European higher education institutions.

Maynooth's Erasmus Code is IRL MAYNOOT01

Maynooth has been awarded an Erasmus Extended Charter - Charter number 28503

Maynooth University  Erasmus Policy Statement  

Erasmus People:

Wendy Cameron  
Erasmus Officer  
+353 17083417  

Join our Incoming Erasmus+ Study Abroad Facebook Group! ( Note, you would need to be an incoming Erasmus+ or Study Abroad Student to be admitted) 

Our list of international coordinators is here!

2020/21 Term Dates:

The 2020 -2021 Term Dates are subject to change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please double-check with the International Office for the latest information.
 Visit our Covid-19 Info Hub regularly. 

Winter Semester 2020:
-Orientation: TBC
-Classes Commence: September 28th 
-Mid-Term Break: Oct 26th-30th (Study Week)
-Lectures finish: December 18th 

January 8th-23rd 2021: Exams (Full Year students only)
(Single semester students will sit exams before Christmas. Exceptions might apply)

Spring Semester 2021:
-Orientation: TBC
-Classes Commence: February 1st
-Mid-Term Break: March 15th-19th (Study Week)
-Easter Vacation: April 5th-9th 
-Lectures finish: May 7th
-Exams May 14th -June 5th

Fall 2020/Full Year 2020/21 application deadline: June 30th 2020 
Spring 2021 application deadline: October 30th 2020