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Welcome to the Maynooth University Foundation, where your contribution can transform student’s lives, advance education and support impactful research.

The Foundation supports Maynooth University advance its vision to be a University of Excellence, Opportunity and Impact through leading and growing fundraising activities.

Why Give to Maynooth University Foundation?

Your support goes beyond just funding - it's a testament to the belief in the power of education and research to change lives.

Enhancing student learning and experience: By supporting the Maynooth University Foundation, you're directly impacting the student experience. Your generosity helps create an environment where students thrive, fostering their academic journeys and enabling them to reach their fullest potential. From aiding students facing financial and personal hurdles to providing avenues for individuals to access education through scholarships and bursaries, your contribution becomes a catalyst for change.

Leading research, creating impact : Your donation isn't just an investment in education; it's an investment in innovation. By contributing, you are supporting groundbreaking research initiatives, enabling our faculty and researchers to push boundaries and make discoveries that shape our collective future.

How Your Support Makes a Difference:

  • Access to Education: Scholarships and bursaries open doors for individuals who might not otherwise have the means to pursue higher education as well as recognising academic achievement. A scholarship and bursary can provide opportunities that can transform students’ lives.
  • Financial Assistance: Your donations can directly assist students facing financial challenges, ensuring they can focus on their studies by reducing the burden of financial stress.
  • Research Advancements: Your support can advance innovative research projects, enhancing Maynooth University's reputation as a center of excellence for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements across various fields.
  • Campus Development: Maynooth University continues to invest in our campus, creating facilities for our students and academics to thrive in their education and research pursuits. A donation to support our capital projects will help accelerate our campus masterplan being realised.