Researcher Directory

Dr Amina Adanan Lecturer Law
Shivam Agarwal Lecturer School of Business
Sylvia Albicker German Tutor German Studies, School of Modern Languages
Dr Marco Alfano Senior Researcher, Leader of IVI Digital Health Cluster Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Dr Tatiana Andreeva Associate Professor School of Business
Dr Sarah Arnold Head of the Department of Media Studies Media Studies, Motherhood Project, Arts and Humanities Institute
Prof Lauren Arrington English
Dr Amir Azadnia Lecturer/Assistant Professor School of Business
Dr Sibo Banda Lecturer Law
Dr Rhiannon Bandiera Lecturer/Assistant Professor Law
Dr Ian Banfield Assistant Professor Mathematics and Statistics
Dr Siobhán Barrett Early Irish (Sean-Ghaeilge), Arts and Humanities Institute
Dr Carol Barrett Research Development & Support
Carrie Anne Barry Electronic Engineering
Dr  Derek Barter Adult and Community Education, ALL Institute
Dr Oliver Bartlett Law, ALL Institute