July 30th

The CAO is now closed for new applications in 2019, with the exception of Available Places courses. Some courses may become available for new applicants to the CAO after the issuing of Round 1 offers in August. These courses will appear on the CAO's Available Places list on the CAO website.

Applications will open for Mature Applicants, via the CAO's Available Places page, for the following degree programmes:

  • MH802 BA Community and Youth Work (part-time, in-service)

  • MH803 BA Local Studies or Community Studies

Please apply via Available Places on the CAO – open from 20th August at 12.00 midday

In the meantime, please contact the relevant Department at the University to assess your eligibility:

If you would like further information or clarification, don't hesitate to contact us here in Admissions.