At Maynooth University, we have a range of Certificate and Diploma courses, designed to cater to the needs and wants of people from all walks of life and all educational backgrounds.

Wherever you start you will find that there are paths to progression onto other courses across a wide variety of academic disciplines. So whether you are looking to increase your career prospects by gaining a university qualification or you are just curious about the world in which we live, we've got just the course to capture your imagination! 

How to Apply

Applications for on-campus Certificate or Diploma Courses at Maynooth University should be made by contacting the relevant department in the first instance.

To apply for Adult and Community Education certificates and diplomas on campus please see the Continuing Education on the Adult and Community Education website.
​To apply for Adult and Community Education certificates or diplomas in our outreach venues across the country, please see the  Adult and Community Education website.