Our Research

Biology is the study of life - everything from the tiniest microbe to entire ecosystems that spread across the planet. And understanding more about life will help us to tackle major societal challenges, including human and animal health, food security and effects of climate change.
At Maynooth University our Biology Department brings together groups of experts from various disciplines:

Traditionally, researchers in these individual fields may not have had much interaction with each other. But by sharing technologies, working together across these disciplines and asking new questions we can gain new insights into how life works. Through this convergence of disciplines, two strong themes emerge in Maynooth University ’s Biology department: Immunology and Microbiology and Sustainable Exploitation in Biology 
Recent outputs from the Department include publications in high-impact journals, such as Nature Immunology, Cell, PLOS Pathogens and PNAS, and the development of two campus companies: Profector, which provides technology for genetics and biomedical research and drug delivery and Beemune, which seeks to protect the health of bees.