Dr Jackie Nugent


Senior Lecturer
Omnibus Science Course Coordinator

(01) 708 3857


I have been a lecturer in the Department of Biology, Maynooth University since 1995. I received my PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA in 1992. I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Genetics Department, John Innes Centre, Norwich UK, from 1992-1995. 

Book Chapter

Year Publication
1994 Palmer, J.D., Downie, S.R., Nugent, J.M., Brandt, P., Unseld, M., Klein, M., Brennicke, A., Schuster, W. and Borner, T (1994) 'The Chloroplast and Mitochondrial DNAs of Arabidopsis thaliana: conventional genomes in an unconventional plant' In: E. Meyerowitz and C. Somerville(Eds.). Arabidopsis. Cold Spring Harbor, New York : Cold Spring Harbor Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2005 Nugent, J.M. and S.M Joyce.  (2005) 'Producing human therapeutic proteins in plastids'. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 11 :2459-2470. [Full-Text]
2003 Cummings, M.P., J.M. Nugent , Olmstead, R., and Palmer, J.D. (2003) 'Molecular and Phylogenetic Analysis Reveals Five, and Implies Many More, Independent Transfers of the Chloroplast Gene rbcL to the Mitochondrial Genome in Angiosperms'. Current Genetics, 43 :131-138. [Full-Text]
1995 Coen, E.S., Nugent, J. M., Luo, D., Bradley, D., Cubas, P., Chadwick, M., Copsey, L., and Carpenter, R. (1995) 'Evolution of floral symmetry'. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, 350 :35-40. [Full-Text]
1994 Coen, E.S. and Nugent, J.M (1994) 'Evolution of Flowers and Inflorescences'. Development, Suppl :107-116. [Full-Text]
1993 Nugent, J.M. and Palmer, J.D. (1993) 'Characterisation of the Brassica campestris mitochondrial gene for subunit six of NADH dehydrogenase: nad6 is present in the mitochondrion of a wide range of flowering plants'. Current Genetics, 23 :148-153. [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2000 Nugent, J.M (2000) 'Edible Vaccines in Transgenic Plants' Maynooth University Record, .

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2001 W. Reardon (2001) 11th Annual Antirrhinum Meeting Gargano, Italy, 05/02/2001-05/06/2001.
2001 B. Henley (2001) 11th Annual Antirrinum Meeting Gargano, Italy, 05/02/2001-05/06/2001.
2001 M. McCabe (2001) The Plastid Factory - 1st Annual Meeting Vico Equense, Italy, 01/05/2001-01/06/2001.
1999 M. McCabe (1999) The Plastid Factory The Plastid Factory - 3rd Project Management Committee Meeting Lyon, France, 30/12/1999-30/12/1999.
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