Booking for the general offering of rooms to Continuing Students  will take place in April annually.  

This year's schedule for booking can be found on the basis of Student Category under BOOKING EVENTS

While there circa 300 rooms reserved for Continuing Students on campus each year this does not usually meet the strong demand across all the various schemes within this student group.  The  rooms offered via the  published schemes such as The Quiet Zone, Scéim Chónaithe, Sports Scholars, Due to impact of a Disability, SPCM rooms, Continuing Postgraduates, and Continuing Internationals are part of the full allocation.  Due to level of interest in the various schemes from this group of students there are a small number of rooms available for the general offering. 

Continuing students general offering  Booking Event happens in April annually.  There will be no booking event in August.  Cancellations from those who booked in April may not necessarily be re-offered to continuing students as we usually over offer in April to give as many continuing students as possible the opportunity to book campus rooms.   Therefore any cancellations we received from the April bookings do not necessarily go back to the Continuing Student cohort and more likley go to other student cohorts who book later in the season to balance up the allocations.

We advise students to explore all options available to them (via, and many other online services available from the Private Rented Sector) as the total rooms available are limited and will not be able to meet the full demand from this group of students. Other Options: If you are seeking accommodation for a full year (12 months),  the Summer is a good time to do a search for this arrangement from the private rented sector after all the students who rent for the adacedmic year vacate.  Once your Licence expires on campus in early June a 12 month lease to the following June may be a good solution to both the summer and academic year  accommodation requirements without the need for moving or engaging in first come first served booking which is the norm on Campus.