The Halls of Residence on campus are available to all categories of students. However please note that St Paul's is open to International Students only.

Open plan fully equipped
kitchen including microwave,
oven, fridge & kettle
Dining-room and lounge area WiFi in all apartments
Non Smoking
(this is strictly enforced)
Laundry Rooms are convenient to many halls and the main Campus Laundry situated in the center of the Apartments (near River Carrick)  is open to all residents.
Living on Campus  Information
(from collecting your post, operating instructions for the oven/heating, 
to maintenance)
Check In and
what to bring when you move in
All beds are standard single beds
3ft x 6'3ft/90cm x 190cm  


Courtyard Apartments  are now open on the North Campus.  

Details (including pictures) of each Hall of Residence is available below:

  • Residents in apartments reflect the diversity of campus and you can expect to live in an apartment with any gender (except minors), any nationality or origin, any age, and any course or year
  • The Campus License to reside is based on 7 days per week over a 38 week academic year.   
  • Rooms must be paid for in advance of occupation by the due dates and there are no facilities to pay weekly/monthly.
  • Halls of Residence are not suitable for families or children under 17 years.