Students with Disabilities / Additional Needs

Maynooth University welcomes applications from students with disabilities. In order to ensure that all students have every opportunity to fulfill their academic potential at Maynooth University, we reserve a number of places in campus accommodation for students with disabilities. Campus accommodation is recommended where a student’s participation and retention in university, due to the impact of a disability, would be at risk without living on-campus. Please read the information below for details on the criteria used and the application process.

1. Continuing Students with an existing Disability Office Recommendation for campus accommodation should make contact with Access Office if you wish to re-apply for accommodation on Campus for the next academic year.

2. All other continuing students and new entrant students for the next academic year are advised that applications for campus accommodation due to a disability will be assessed in line with University criteria. Only students with significant disabilities will be considered for campus accommodation due to the impact of disability i.e. only students who require accessible accommodation (students who are deaf, students with a significant visual impairment, wheelchair users or students with a requirement for accommodation in close proximity to the university due to a significant and prolonged mobility difficulty which renders them unable to walk even short distances). Please refer to the full criteria at Criteria for Campus Accommodation due to a disability