Room Type Utilities & Services Total Rent for Full Academic Year Location of Rooms
SES  Single room with own Bathroom En-suite €500 €5988 River, Rye Hall and Courtyard
SSB  Single room (Shared Bathrooms) €500 €4488 Rye Hall and Village

*These rates are indicative and are subject to change before September 2022 as they are subject to the RTA and HICP which may flutuate before the rates are charged. 

Historic Rates for Campus Accommodation Academic Year 2019-2022

Prices had remained unchanged for the academic years through 2019-2022 as below.

Room Type Utilities & Services Total Rent Last Academic Year Location
SES  Single room with own Bathroom En-suite €500 €5870 River, Rye Hall and Courtyard
SSB  Single room (Shared Bathrooms) €500 €4400 Rye Hall and Village

Payment Schedules - Options

SES means Single bedroom with own ensuite bathroom
SSB means Single bedroom with shared bathroom facilities

The €500 for services and utilities is paid when you are booking and covers all utilities and services for the full academic year - Electricity, Water, Gas, 24hr Security, Wifi, Reception Service, etc. Laundry is paid as you go and tokens can be purchased at Reception or in the Laundry. 

Rent Payment Options from September 2022 onwards to be chose from one of the following (at time of booking):

  1. Full Year: All paid upfront before check-in,  (SES €5988/ SSB €4488) Due date as set out on your Confirmation of Booking Email.
  2. Semester: Due date will be before check-in ( SES €3624+€2364/ SSB €2716 + €1772) in September and again in January as per Confirmation of Booking Email)
  3. Monthy: The current month's rent plus the last month's rent is paid before check-in with monthly payments thereafter (SES €1333 + €665 X 7 payments monthly / SSB  €995 + 499 X 7 monthly payments).  All due dates will be set out in the Confirmation of Booking Email.

Please note that if you are booking out of course (such as in the middle of a semester rather than at the begining of a semester) the next due date after you move in may have a short interval.

You will be asked at the time of booking to choose which schedule of payments you want to use. At any time during your residency you may access your accommodation account and make "out of schedule" payments which will automatically reduce the amount of rent in your balance.

Save Card Details

It is a very good idea to save your card details to your  accommodation account so that you dont miss a due date for rent payment. Late rent payments can attract a breach of your licence which can affect your eligibility to remain on campus or to return in future years. If you have saved your Bank Card details you will find that only the amount DUE on the scheduled due date will be taken from your card. If you have, for example, part paid ahead of the schedule and the amount due is less than the normal scheduled amout or it is zero on the due date only the amount due will be taken and if it that is zero then no payment will be taken. To process the payments we take a list of the payments due from our data base one day ahead of the due date and send that list to the bank for processing. If you decide to make a payment on the day before or on the due date manually we may already have processed that payment and in that instance it may get paid twice. 

Once processed cards that are declined by your bank during processing will be advised to you by email immediately we become aware of the refusal. In that instance we may ask you to make a manual payment via your student portal to bring your rent up to date. We do not do a second round of processing to saved cards.

Keep your Bank Details Safe

Please DO NOT RECORD YOUR BANK DETAILS on your accommodation account unless specificially asked to so do. We would only ask for bank details (BIC/IBAN etc) to be uploaded to your account if you were due a refund and the original payment on your card was made more than six months ago. Otherwise we will not ask for those details. Please also note that we do not ask you to email bank details. The safe way to give us this information is to upload it to your accommodation account and only when specifically asked by the Residence Office to do so. The Residence Office will never take or ask you for bank details over the phone.