Booking Rooms in Student Residences On Campus


Room booking in Student Residences is offered via Booking Events online and via University Published Schemes.


Application links will open on this page in 2024. Please reference your specific booking category for opening and closing dates.
Each event will have specified eligibility criteria and only those eligible can book.



Please be advised that on campus residences are currently fully booked and we don’t expect to have any further rooms available.

Maynooth Campus Residences Waiting List

We have opened a waiting list for any cancellations that may be received. We are unable to predict how many rooms may become available if any.

Should we receive a cancellation we will use a randomiser to pick a name from the waiting list and offer the room to the person who is chosen at random. Please note that if you are made a room offer from the Waiting List there is a very short window of opportunity to claim the room (usually about 4 hours).  Please watch your email address inbox and take our call to your mobile so that we can let you know as soon as possible. We cannot extend the offer as a delay in taking up the room is unfair to a) the others on the Waiting List, and b) the person who is leaving as they are paying the rent until their rooms is re-licenced. 

There should be no expectation of a room offer from the Waiting List. There are approx 350 students now who have registered and very few cancellations. We advise everyone to concentrate your search off campus- Student Pad will assist you.