Quiet Zone 2017-2018 - Applications now Closed for 2017-2018

The Quiet Zone came about as a result of student feedback to Residential Services Management. Many students want to live on Campus for their final year or as a Post Graduate and share with room mates who are in a similar situation. The ethos of The Quiet Zone is study focused, low alcohol, and low noise among like minded students. the Zone has been very successful over the last three years and has grown from the initial 50 students to just under 100 students this year. The environmental ethos is mainly student driven and student preserved. Only those student who want such a living environment should apply.

To get a room in The Quiet Zone we operate a process of Expressions of Interest. It usually opens annually in mid February on a published date.   Each expression of Interest will be time and date stamped automatically by the online system. No email, paper or drop in applications can be processed or accepted.  If we receive more interest than rooms available the first  80 eligible candidates will be offered the opportunity to book the rooms first. If we can add a few more rooms, we will, depending on demand and allocation restrictions. We added 20 extra rooms to try to facilitate everybody this year (2017-2018).  We selected naturally quieter locations on the Campus for The Quiet Zone. This year the new Courtyard Halls in Birch (the tower) and the 4 Duplex Halls (3 bed  duplex apartments with own door in Courtyard Ivy, Elm, Oak and Yew) along with the top floor in Hargadon Village Halls (apartments 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,& 12) were designated to The Quiet Zone for 2017-2018. Allocation of the rooms to the eligible candidates is done via an online booking system on a first come first served basis on a published date each year in February, usually at 12 noon.

The Quiet Zone may be booked for a single semester only (either semester 1 or semester 2) to facilitate students who go on placement and either leave campus for semester 2 or arrive for semester 2 following a placement. There are five rooms available in Village Hargadon Apartment 7 for this purpose.

New Post Grads (those who will be offered their postgraduate academic place during the summer 2017)  may apply for a small number of rooms in the Quiet Zone by completing an application form (opens 14th August 2017 on this web site) for campus accommodation.

Please be advised that all students who are offered a room in The Quiet Zone are expected to respect the ethos of the zone as set out in this information.