The Faculty of Arts and Humanities holds an Athena Swan Bronze Award.
In 2022 the Faculty received an Athena Swan Bronze Award. The Faculty’s Bronze Award recognises the work the Faculty has begun to do, but importantly commits us to a range of actions which we hope will make us a more diverse and equal community. The cornerstone of the Faculty’s application was its comprehensive Gender Equality Action Plan, which you can find below.
Since submitting its Bronze Award application, the Faculty has been proactive in its efforts to progress in adopting the Athena Swan principles. The Faculty’s Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team, who was responsible for making and submitting the application, was reconstituted as the Athena Swan Implementation Group meeting six times annually to ensure deliverables are met.
Biennial staff and student surveys took place in 2023 and will take place 2025, in order to assess the impact of the GEAP and to further inform our efforts in line with staff / student feedback and the Athena Swan ethos of equality, diversity and inclusion.