Terms of Reference

The Research Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is an advisory body to the Faculty.

Its role is to discuss matters of research that concern all units within the Faculty. It will assist the Dean and Associate Dean for Research and Engagement in bringing proposals and recommendations to the general Faculty meetings that relate to research matters. It will also collaborate with the relevant Academic Council committees, its counterparts in the other Faculties, and the Office of the Vice-President for Research.
The specific remit of this Research Committee, reporting to and subject to oversight and review by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, is to:

  1. Promote and encourage excellence in research in the Faculty, through exploring appropriate opportunities for collaboration and the efficient use of shared infrastructure, expertise and technologies;
  2. Liaise with national advocacy bodies in the area of the Humanities, considering and communicating the implications of national policies and external recommendations to Faculty and Departments/Schools;
  3. Review, propose, and provide input to University decisions on policy and practices concerning research and research supports;
  4. Recommend to the Dean actions supporting the achievement, development and review of the research-related aspects of the University Strategic Plan. This may include alerting the Faculty to issues that might assist or hinder the implementation of the Strategic Plan, or identifying emerging areas for strategic research development;
  5. Review, propose, and provide input on policies and practices concerning the archiving, communication, dissemination, and promotion of Faculty research activity and outputs by the University;
  6. Liaise with the University research institute in the area of Humanities, the Communications Office, and other appropriate offices of the University to represent the interests of researchers in the Faculty and promote the visibility of their research.


  • Associate Dean for Research and Engagement (Chair)
  • Dean of Faculty
  • Director of AHI
  • One member from each of the Faculty’s academic units (8 in total) chosen via the nomination process described below
  • Other members co-opted by the Chair (e.g. Library, RDO, other service unites)
  • One PhD student and one postdoc elected representative

In order to ensure gender balance, Heads of School and Heads of Department shall nominate two members of their unit, at least one of whom should be female in each category. The Dean will then compose the Committee from these nominations in order to ensure gender balance and to ensure that the committee represents a diverse cross-section of academic staff in the Faculty. Co-options by the Chair should also bear in mind the need for gender balance.

October, 2023