Welcome. The study of philosophy has always been strong at  Maynooth University, since the foundation of St Patrick’s College in 1795. Today, all philosophical traditions and its history are present in the currently taught curriculum including: Ancient Greek, Medieval-Scholastic, Renaissance, Modern, Analytic and Contemporary Continental Phenomenological approaches. 

Departmental Vision:

As philosophy welcomes all reasoned and reasonable points of view, the Department of Philosophy welcomes all arguments, all of the reasonable points of view on all subjects. The goal of studying philosophy at Maynooth University is to question,  to investigate and to evaluate opinions, beliefs and positions by different philosophers but also by society today. Sometimes we will have to conclude that there are no answers only questions. For this reason there is no party line in this Department of Philosophy. No reasoned point of view is rejected but everything will be considered and subjected to critique. Although clearly everybody has their own opinions and, despite everything, may have certain prejudices (because we all come from somewhere), when an argument is put forward it will be listened to and assessed on its strengths and weaknesses and not on the basis of some already decided answer or dogmatic point of view.