Once you have booked a room on Campus we send you two emails:
A Create My password email which has a link to allow you create a password to your residents account
A Booking Confirmation email. This is a very important email as it gives you instructions about how to complete your booking and turn it into a Licence to Reside which in turn allows you to live on campus for the occupation period booked.

You will find your USERNAME and a LINK  that allows you to access your private resident account in the booking confirmation email. This is where you will find everything you need to become a resident and to operate your residency. All the form links and notices will be on your Residents Account. Take a moment to peruse this account so that you become familiar with all the information that it contains and so that you know where to go for updates.

YOUR ONLINE RESIDENTS ACCOUNT contains the following information:


  • A history of all the emails we will send you from your account
  • Your TO DO LIST
  • Your booking summary and Your Licence to Reside - this tells you what room type and name of room you booked and the date you booked and for what period - Licence is to be signed.


  • Payment History
  • Pay Here - this is a link to the banking screen that allows you to pay online for charges on your accommodation account
  • Statement - This is your RENT BOOK.  It tells you when your rent is due and paid and can be used as a future Landlord Reference as it contains all the information about your residence that your next landlord wants to know. It is advisable to print this off before you leave at the end of your occupancy. It will remain available for about 2 years after you leave -  but best not to wait - print it before you leave.
  • Bank Details - For Security reasons PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD BANK DETAILS HERE (IBAN and BIC) unless specifically asked by an official email from the Residence Office


  • This is where you will find the links to the various forms you may need to communicate with the Facility Manager
    • Log Maintenance issue
    • Data Amendments form
    • E-induction
    • Inventory check
    • Sign out the day you depart
    • Ask us for Key Access for your mobile phone Form
    • Early Departure Notice (Use top cancel your room early - Use this Form once the Licence has Commenced if you wish to leave before the expiry date of your Licence)
    • Cancel my Booking (Use if you wish to cancel before your Licence Commcnces (uaully before check-in but not always)

 Here is the LINK to the login screen for the RESIDENTS ACCOUNT.