Residence Office Information for Campus Residents

Breaches of Terms of Campus Licence to Residence

Duty of Care:
The University and the College has a duty of care to its staff and students. Safety and Order within the living environment is a primary objective. The Behaviour Code has been designed in a way that underpins this objective.

Your Community:
Living on Campus is a wonderful opportunity. Each resident contributes to how the living and learning community evolves in any one year. The community is established and maintained by achieving an appropriate balance between each resident’s individual interests and the common good of the all the residents. The balance between independent living within the community and respect for fellow residents is key to a superior student experience.

The University and the College seek to foster a culture among residents where acceptance of the terms of the Licence to Reside and Behaviour Code is the norm. In this context residents
are actively encouraged to report any behavior which may fall outside the terms of the LTR so as to preserve  the integrity of the living environment for all. The Residents Handbook helps Students to interpret the License to Reside and the Behaviour Code into everyday language and examples.

Confidentiality and Sensitivity:
Where a breach of the terms of the Licence to Reside may have occurred, all procedures to investigate, and then deal with such a breach will be handled confidentially and with sensitivity.

Breach of Licence to Reside:
A resident who breaches their licence to reside is not eligible to return to live on campus in future years and if the behavior is of significance you may face revocation of your licence for one breach.
Any resident who is found to have breached the terms of their licence to reside more than once in an academic year may have their licence to reside revoked.

Revocation of Licence:
This means you will be asked to leave the on-campus accommodation with 28 days notice. This occurs where a resident has been found to be incompatible with the other residents or has committed a serious or series of breaches where we no longer believe that the resident can live in the Residences. Home Finder Service will assist students who are asked to leave residences to find alternative accommodation.