How to Become a Resident on Campus

The Student Residences welcomes all eligible full-time registered students with confirmed academic places at Maynooth University and/or St Patrick's College Maynooth.

There are just under 1200 student rooms arranged into apartments and all are situated in the North Campus Residential Zone - minutes walk from lecture theatres. the library and labs. Rooms are offered on the basis of Student Category and can be booked during designated online BOOKING EVENTS. The details of each booking event will be listed on this website in advance so that you can plan. Most booking events are well oversubscribed so it is advisable to join the event at the start time published (the tme will always be expressed in local Maynooth time).  

Each student books their own room online. Most residents meet for the first time when they check-in and you can find that you are living with students of any gender, age, course, orientation, ethnic orgin, nationality, graduates, undergraduates etc. The Student Residences are a Community of Students. We do however group student categories together as much as possible.
The Student Categories for Room Booking are below and you can click on your student category to find the most up to date information about how you can make a booking at Student Residences and when Your Next  Booking Event will take place.

New Incoming First Years via CAO
Continuing Students
New Postgraduates
New International Students
Students with Additional Needs / Disability

Typically we will offer rooms to first years all in the same complex (Usually River and Village) to make it easier for new students to meet new friends and get to know eachother.  Post Graduates usually also live together as rooms are designated in the same  Complex. However that is not always the case particularly if you book a room late in the season or mid season. Each Student Cohort has their own online BOOKING EVENT (date and time) and to find out when you should book your room go to the Booking Event Schedule in the Booking Links Space for deatils of this year's plan.

We do not operate a lottery, wait lists or bookings outside of the Booking Events published. All booking is done online, usually in a first come first served event. You will be asked to pay a booking fee at a booking event (Typically €500).

For the published schemes (e.g. Scéim Chónaithe, The Quiet Zone, etc) you may be required to completed an expression of interest or an application form in advance of booking, to qualify. No fee is payble at the expression of interest stage.