Room Type Utilities & Services Total Rent for Full Academic Year Total Cost for the Full Academic Year Location of Rooms
SES  Single room with own Bathroom En-suite €500* €5988 €6488 River, Rye Hall and Courtyard
SSB  Single room (Shared Bathrooms) €500* €4488 €4988 Rye Hall and Village

*Utilities and Services Charge is non refundable.

Payment Schedules 

SES means Single bedroom with own ensuite bathroom
SSB means Single bedroom with shared bathroom facilities


Room Type Utilities and Charges Paid when Booking First Instalment paid before Check-in 7 Instalments Paid Monthly from October Total Rent for the Full Academic Year
SES €500 €1333 €665 €5988
SSB €500 €995 €499 €4488


  • The €500 for services and utilities is paid when you are booking and covers all utilities and services for the full academic year - Electricity, Water, Gas, 24hr Security, Wifi, Reception Service, etc. Laundry is paid as you go and tokens can be purchased at Reception or in the Laundry.   
  • Rent will be structured as follows:  Total  rent amount due will be  divided into 9 instalments (Full academic year).  The first instalment will include the equivalent of two installments and will  be due before check-in €1333 (€665 X 2) / €995 (€499 X2)
  • Monthly Due Dates thereafter will be arranged by recurring card payments (€665 X 7 / €499 X 7) in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr.
  • Advance payments can be made as and when you please and will be taken full account of at the monthly due dates i.e. where advance payment is made only the amount due for that month (if any) will be collected. Many students pay for the semester (€2994 SES / €2244 SSB) up front in September and again January.
  • For students coming for a single semester the booking fee is €250 and the rent is 50% of the annual amount and will be paid as follows: €1333 before check-in and then €665 in Oct and Nov and €331 in December..

You will be asked at the time of booking to "Save your Bank Card Details" (16 digit number + expiry date + card holders email, telephone and address) on the payment screen. It is a condition of booking that you facilitate the collection of your monthly rent by direct access to a bank card of your choosing. Bank Cards can be changed during the year if needed. While we will provide a collection service monthly the responsibility for ensuring that your rent is paid in full and on time remains with the resident. Please use your login to your accommodation account to make sure your rent is up to date at all times.

At any time during your residency you may access your accommodation account and make "out of schedule" payments which will automatically reduce the amount of rent in your balance. If you make advance payments the collection process will recognise that there has been an advance payment and only rent that is outstanding on the scheduled due dates (if any) will be collected.

Online payments have been made safer by the Banks and there are some new procedures for authorising your payments. Please make yourself familiar with these . If your rent payment is declined by your bank during processing  you will see that on screen when booking and on your accommodation account if it occurs during your occupation. If we become aware of the refusal we will advise you by email. It is always best (and is your responsibility) to check your Financial Statement on your Accommodation Account on each payment due date to check if it has been successful. 

Keep your Bank Details Safe

Please DO NOT RECORD YOUR BANK DETAILS (IBAN and BIC) on your accommodation account unless specificially asked to so do. We would only ask for bank details (BIC/IBAN etc) to be uploaded to your account if you were due a refund and the original payment on your card was made more than six months ago. Otherwise we will not ask for those details. Please also note that we do not ask you to email bank details. The safe way to give us this information is to upload it to your accommodation account and only when specifically asked by the Residence Office to do so. The Residence Office will never take or ask you for bank details over the phone.

Historic Rates for Campus Accommodation Academic Year 2019-2022
Prices had remained unchanged for the academic years through 2019-2022 as below.
SES  Single room with own Bathroom En-suite €500+ €5870 River, Rye Hall and Courtyard
SSB  Single room (Shared Bathrooms) €500 + €4400 Rye Hall and Village