We request residents in an apartment to submit an online inventory form at the start of the semester after you check in to alert us if there are any items missing or not in working order.

The Inventory Forms are available here: 
Communal Area Inventory
Bedroom Inventory

Semester II Inventory Forms will open at the start of the licence period and will be open for 3 weeks to allow new residnets to log any missing inventory items.

If we do not receive an inventory form, it will be assumed that everything is present and in working order. Please make sure to list items left behind by other residents also and we will remove them for you.

Please note that if an item is missing at the end of the year, you may be charged if it is not indicated as not present on an inventory form.

Missing items will be reviewed and replaced as soon as possible. You can also call to reception and collect a missing item.

Alternatively you can also log a maintenance request should a fixing or service not be working i.e. heating