New Undergraduate Students


New incoming CAO entrants to first year undergraduate course in September 2024 

Applications for incoming new first year undergraduates (those who will receive a CAO Offer in 2024) for the academic year 24-25  are currently open ( since 1st May 2024).   CAO Applicants- LINK TO APPLY for on campus accommodation for 2024/2025 open until 26th August 2024.

Key Dates for 2024/202​5

Apply/ Express Interest  1st May to 5pm 26th August 2024 No Charge at this stage. No room is guaranteed at this stage.
Book  30th August 2024 - Random Selection applies. Booking fee €650. Room guaranteed if randomly selected and room booked within Booking Window.
Check In  15th September 2024  1st Instalment due prior to check in 

In preparation for the booking event please read the details of the rooms available and the how to make a booking section of this website so that you have made a room type preference/choice prior to booking. Booking is online only. Due to the high demand for on campus accommodation we advise all intending bookers to have other accommodation options open and ready to go.