Welcome to the research home page of the Department of Sociology, a gateway to the research underway in the department.

In our last external review it was noted that "All department members are actively engaged in research, covering a wide range of intellectual areas and publishing work of high (and in some cases very high) quality. They collaborate on research projects and have had considerable success in obtaining research funding..... The department has a strong research ethos and an impressive output. Its staff publish in international as well as national outlets, are internationally networked and secure international as well as national sources of research funding."    --- Peer Review report (2009), Department of Sociology

Academic staff in the Department of Sociology seek to engage directly with the transformations in contemporary Irish and European society and politics. They carry out research that combines theoretical concerns and critique with sustained empirical research, and that seeks to speak to major issues of public concern. This work is recognised internationally and currently we have one prestigous European Research Council project in the department and two major European research framework projects funded under H2020 and FW7. Alongside this members of the department work on a range of individual and collaborative projects with a range of stakeholders. You will find out more in our list of research projects below. 

Research in the Department covers a wide range of intellectual areas that cohere around five central themes which are listed below. These include, but are not confined to: critical political thought, activism and alternative futures; globalisation, identities and cultural practices; historical and comparative sociology; political economy, work and working lives; and urban/suburban studies.

Staff in the department are also involved in a range of other national and international networks. These are listed under 'research networks'.

Finally staff are also involved in other funded and non-funded research projects, which we will also try to capture on these pages.

You can see some of the publications that staff have produced on individual staff pages or in NUIM's eprint archive.