Our Research 

Welcome to the research home page of the Department of Sociology, a gateway to the research underway in the department. You can find out more here about our Publications, Projects, Networks and Clusters, and Professional Contributions.  
At Maynooth Sociology and Politics, we provide world-class, leading research that impacts on both a micro and macro level, and aids in developing policy-making decisions both nationally and globally. Our research combines theoretical concerns and critique with sustained empirical research, that speaks to issues of public concern. We are committed to directly engaging with the transformations in contemporary Irish and global society and politics.   
Our research covers a wide range of intellectual areas, including but not limited to: Political sociology, the state and social movements; Globalisation, identities and cultural practices; Political economy, work and working lives; Communities, families and social relationships; Social inequalities and power relations of gender, class, race, sexuality, and more. Read more in the university’s research reports.   

Global Connections 

At Maynooth Sociology & Politics, we collaborate both nationally and globally. Staff in the department are involved in a range of national and international networks and conferences, and major decision-making bodies. The map below illustrates the global ties of our current staff in terms of where they have studied, carried out research, their research and teaching partners, and professional and public connections and networks:


Research Funding  

We work closely with different national and international research grant and funding agencies, some of which include: