PhD in Sociology or Politics
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The Department of Sociology is a leading national and international centre for research and for postgraduate teaching and learning in Sociology and Politics. We offer both two types of research postgraduate degrees (MLitt and PhD) in the Department of Sociology. Research MLitts take approximately two years and PhDs from 4-5 years.

Click here to hear Patrick Gallagher (who completed his PhD on Denmark and Ireland in 2019) describe his experience as a research postgrad in Maynooth Sociology

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We have a frequently asked questions section below. If you have questions about pursuing a postgraduate degree with us in the Sociology Department then please contact Professor Laurence Cox, Graduate Studies Coordinator 2023-24.  

Our Research Postgraduate Education Programme

High Quality Supervision System

• Well known international researchers participating in international research projects and networks
• Experienced supervisors, ‘second supervisor’ system and departmental review of progress ensures quality and fairness
• Work closely with other postgrad students

Courses including:

• Postgrad Thesis Workshop
• University Teaching training
• Research Methods
• Specialised Area Courses
• Credit for International Summer Schools and more

Opportunities for Funding

Postgrads have been successful in receiving

We also offer

• Graduate Teaching Fellowships
• Tutor positions (including paid training and guidance)
• Research Assistant opportunities

We have a frequently asked questions section below​. If you have questions about pursuing a postgraduate degree with us in the Sociology department then please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator for 2023/24, Professor Laurence Cox

Research postgraduates can apply at any time. All applications should be made through the online PAC system.

Learn More about Our Postgrads
The graphic below shows some books that have come directly from Maynooth PhD theses. You can click on the links at the side to find out more about each book.  

Rural Young Women, Education, and Socio-Spatial Mobility: Landscapes of Success
Wendy Geller

The Politics of Tourism Development: Booms and Busts in Ireland
Anne O’Brien

Popular Music and Retro Culture in the Digital Era
Jean Hogarty
Ireland, Small Open Economies and European Integration: Lost in Transition
David Begg

Transforming Participation? The Politics of Development in Malawi and Ireland
Niamh Gaynor

Schooled Bodies? Negotiating Adolescent Validation Through Press, Peers and Parents
Majella McSharry

Female Combatants after Armed Struggle: Lost in Transition?
Niall Gilmartin

Complexity and Resilience in the Social and Ecological Sciences
Eoin Flaherty

See below for a list of our students' theses and links to the documents themselves.