Project Live is:  Collaboration between External Stakeholders, Academics and Students.

Is concerned with: Enrichment of the curriculum and enhancement of teaching and learning using
community engaged and work-related learning principles and practice. 

Involves the: Co-creation of materials, products and services to directly benefit the external stakeholder, while also supporting discipline focussed, credit bearing, curricular learning programmes and modules. 

Is aimed at: 

  • Individual academics, academic departments and students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels 
  • External stakeholders from the community and industry including voluntary, charity, community and youth organisations, public and private sector organisations, schools, small and medium enterprises, social enterprises and larger commercial bodies.

This Experiential Learning Office initiative gives academics and external stakeholders the opportunity to connect easily and foster collaborative relationships that support the enhancement of community engaged and work-related learning at MU. The programme also creates opportunities for academic engagement to be recognised at a university-wide level and have funding to support it.