Centre for the Study of Politics

The Centre for the Study of Politics is located within the Department of Sociology at Maynooth University. In 2007 the department started an innovative BA in Politics that took advantage of the strong interest in the department in the understanding of all the forms of politics and built upon and enhanced this with additional staff and new expertise, perspective and insights. 

This section provides a brief introduction to the Centre and to the BA Politics. 

BA in Politics 

Street protests, local elections, European treaties, parliamentary debate, local council decisions, industrial conflict – all are part of the everyday life of politics. Politics is about how we figure out what our society should look like. It is also about power and inequality.
At Maynooth University, you will explore the way politics shapes our lives, the different forms that politics takes, and how politics is organised in different countries.
As a student, you will examine the nature of active citizenship, international issues and the tensions between democracy, power and injustice. You will explore Irish and international politics, including a focus on Europe, the US or Latin America. You will also have an opportunity to carry out research into political life, developing analytical and presentation skills.

For detailed information on the BA Politics please click here. In this subsection you will find course descriptions, handbooks, timetables and further information on the undergraduate Politics programme (as well as Sociology). Please contact the year coordinator, whose details are in the handbooks, if you have general questions or issues across modules in a particular year.

Please also take a little while to view Dr Mary Murphy's overview of the BA Politics degree

Researching Politics 

Many of the academic staff of the department research politics in various forms, as outlined above, and a number of our staff's primary focus is on the study of politics (for example, Barry Cannon, Mary Murphy and John O'Brennan).

Some of our standout research areas (with examples of relevant staff) are:

Check out the research interests of our staff here

There is a wide range of research conducted and faculty members participate in a large number of national and international research networks.

Debating Politics and Civic Engagement

The university is home to the Maynooth Centre for European and Eurasian Studies and the research cluster on Political Economy, Work and Social Inequalities (PEWSI). Both of these academic research units are based in the Department of Sociology. These networks link up colleagues in different departments both within Maynooth University and beyond in Ireland and. Europe. They aim to foster debate about key political and social phenomena and do so through hosting seminars and public lectures, disseminating research publications and engaging with both civil society and the media. 

Faculty members are prominent contributors on political issues to a range of domestic and international media, including leading newspapers such as The Guardian, the Irish Examiner, the Irish Times, the Sunday Business Post, RTE, TV3, CNN, BBC, and many more.