Sociology and Politics graduates have many and varied career options: from academia to the media, law, public administration, community development, adult education, civil service, consultancy and many more.

Below you will find some stories of the experiences of some of our undergraduate and postgraduate students after graduation. If you are a graduate and would like to let us know about your experience, please email us at

Understanding the paths from a degree to the job market can be confusing and uncertain. The image below maps out some of the pathways available to you through the Department of Sociology and Centre for the Study of Politics. You will find some information about teaching Politics and Society at the bottom of the page.



You can hear more about these career pathways and the distinctive knowledge and skills you will bring from your degree to the job market in the 5 minute video presentation below

Watch this short video to find out more about where our graduates end up.

Teaching with Politics and/or Sociology

CSPE is a subject at Junior Cert level for many years - and the Teaching Council (which certifies teacher training) has a set of topics that teachers are supposed to cover in their degree in order to be able to teach CSPE. CSPE and Modules   However, in practice, CSPE is often taught by teachers without these qualifications!

Politics and Society is a subject at Leaving Cert level for a number of years and the Department of Sociology and Centre for the Study of Politics have strong relationships with Politics and Society teachers - including a range of events in recent years for students and especially teachers. 

Unfortunately, the requirements for teaching Politics and Society (P&S) as a Leaving Certificate subject are quite unclear at the moment. The Teaching Council (who handle teacher certification) have submitted a set of draft requirements for becoming a P&S post-primary school teacher to the Department of Education but these await confirmation. We expect that a Sociology and/or Politics degree would cover most if not all of the requirements but we can’t guarantee that. We contact the Teaching Council regularly for updates.  

Students may find it interesting to take a look at the information sheet for Politics and Society in the Leaving Certificate