Prof Aphra Kerr

Sociology, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), ALL Institute,


TSI Building
2nd Fl
(01) 708 6140


Professor Aphra Kerr is based in the Department of Sociology and is a member of the Maynooth Social Sciences Research Institute (MUSSI) and the Assisted Living and Learning Institute (ALL) at Maynooth University.

From August 2024 she will move to UCD School of Information and Communication Studies but remain as an adjunct professor at the Department of Sociology at Maynooth University.

She is a co-Principal Investigator with the SFI ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology, phase 2 (2021-2026), a multi-institutional national research centre in Ireland ( In ADAPT her research is focusing on AI Governance and Ethics as well as public engagement methodologies. She has a number of leadership roles in ADAPT including Science Lead of the TDG strand, challenge lead of A&R and Maynooth institutional lead. She is PI on two collaborative projects involving ADAPT and Dublin City Council/Smart Dublin (2022-2024): Smart D8 and Digital Twins.

Aphra is also a co-PI on the HEA/ Shared Island funded research project YouGAMSI (with Prof. John O'Brennan, MU and Dr. Paul Kitchin, UU) 2022-2024. This project is examining gambling marketing through live sport on the island of Ireland.

Aphra is co-PI on the Algowatch project funded by Creative Europe, 2023-2025. This project is examining how to extend media and information literacy to take account of emerging algorithmic and AI literacies.

Aphra is a co-PI on the Global Media and Internet Concentration Project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada (2021-2026) and lead by Prof. D. Winseck of Carleton University, Canada, which is examining media and internet concentration data across 40 countries.

She is also on the management committee for Ireland of the GRADE Cost action - Grassroots of Digital Europe: from Historic to Contemporary Histories of Creative Computing (2022-2026).

Across these projects her research focuses on the design, governance and impact of digital media and technology in everyday life. Media technologies, and technologies as media, pervade every aspect of contemporary life in advanced societies, and play an increasingly important role in governing social and individual behaviour. It is critically important that we question the values that inform technological innovations, mitigate harms and improve their governance. Social scientists need to work in interdisciplinary teams to understand, educate and inform the design and use of next generation technologies.

Aphra is the author of two books on digital games published by Sage and Routledge respectively (2006 and 2017), was associate editor of the Digital Communication and Society three volume encyclopaedia (2015), and has published over 70 peer reviewed publications. Her journal articles have appeared in Big Data & Society, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Internet Policy Review, Information, Communication and Society, Media, Culture and Society, New Media and Society, Convergence, Surveillance and Society, International Journal of Cultural Policy, International Journal of Cultural Studies, European Planning Studies and Ethics and Information Technology.

Aphra's research on digital games was recognised with a Distinguished Scholar award from the international Digital Games Research Association in 2016 and she was elected to become a member of Academia Europaea in 2020.   

She is a member of the Media Literacy Network in Ireland and an invited advisory expert for the Pan European Game Information System (PEGI).

Aphra has over 25 years’ experience of lecturing at universities in Ireland, the UK and the United States. At MU she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on media & society, technology & culture, Digital Societies, games and play, the datified society, and digital research methods. She co-designed and co-ordinated the MA in Sociology (Digital Societies).

Prior to coming to Maynooth in 2005, she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Media Research at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, and at the Society, Technology and Media research centre at Dublin City University in Ireland working on projects relating to public service broadcasting policy, media literacy and digital inclusion. From 2001-2003 she was a Government of Ireland post-doctoral fellow working on the project Contemporary Digital Media: The Emergence of Digital Games. Her PhD (DCU, 2000) examined Ireland in the Global Information Economy: Innovation and Multimedia Content Industries with a focus on the barriers to innovation in global and local multimedia content services. During her PhD she spent six months as a European mobility fellow at UNU/INTECH in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Her MA (DCU, 1994, by research) examined lead users of an advanced telecommunications network called ISDN – which was quickly overshadowed by the internet. 

See info on publications at Google Scholar and many are available open access in the university's publication repository MURAL.

She can also be found on Linked In.

Research Interests

*Social expectations, ethics and governance of AI (digital media, smart cities)
*Industry and production studies of digital Games and digital media,
*Social impacts and regulation of the gambling industry
*Media work and media workers - including below the line
*Diversity, inclusion and social justice in media and tech, esp. gender.
*Public/civic Engagement in Science and Technology
*Human/Machine/Nature Relations in society

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
ALGOWATCH PI Being written. This is the Creative Europe programme and it is not in the drop down menu below. 01/12/2023 30/11/2025 84915
Gambling in Ireland and Northern Ireland: mediatisation sport and PI 01/09/2022 31/08/2024 189655.87
Global Media and Internet Concentration Project Co-applicant, steering committee member, Ireland team Led by Professor Dwayne Winseck of the School of Journalism and Communications at Carleton University in Canada, the Global Media and Internet Concentration (GMIC) Project will involve 50 researchers over 30 countries for 7 years from 2021. The project asks: Are the media becoming more or less concentrated? Academics and partner institutions will collect and analyse industry data on telecoms, Internet and media industries including search engines, social media, online advertising, digital games, television, film, streaming video, newspapers, film exhibition, digital games and books. Aphra is part of the Ireland team of academics alongside Professor Paschal Preston and Dr. Roddy Flynn (both School of Communications, Dublin City University). She is also on the Executive Steering Committee, the Digital Media Industries Working group. The project was awarded $2.5 million CAN, with match funding of $2.5 million. The Irish team will initially get 24,000. 01/08/2021 31/07/2026 12.6

Post Doctoral Fellows / Research Team

Researcher Name Project Funding Body
Mani Dhingra DCC Smart Dublin Digital Twin
Jack Lehane DCC Smart Dublin D8
Tugce Bidav YouGaMSI
Eric Deibel ADAPT II


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Edited Book

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Book Chapter

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Year Publication
2000 Dr Aphra Kerr (2000) Ireland in the Global Information Economy: Innovation and Multimedia Content Industries. Dublin City University: [Thesis]
1995 Dr Aphra Kerr (1995) The Use of Communication Technologies and the Potential Adoption of the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) in the Irish Media and Information Industries. [Thesis]

Technical Publication

Year Publication
2009 Kerr, A. and Cawley, A. (2009) The Games industry in Ireland 2009. [Technical Publication] [Full-Text]

Working Paper

Year Publication
2005 White, A., Messenger Davies, M., Hill, A., and Kerr, A. (2005) The Future of the BBC. [Working Paper]
2004 Dr. Aphra Kerr (2004) Media Literacy in Northern Ireland. [Working Paper] [Full-Text]
2004 Kerr, A., Brereton, P., Kücklich, J. and Flynn, R. (2004) New Media: New Pleasures?. [Working Paper] [Full-Text]
2003 Dr Aphra Kerr (2003) Girls/Women Just Want to Have Fun. [Working Paper]
2002 Dr Aphra Kerr (2002) Loading…Please Wait. Ireland and the Global Games Industry. [Working Paper] [Full-Text]
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2009 Van Egeraat, C., O’Riain, S. and Kerr, A. (2009) Social and Spatial Structures of Collaboration and Innovation in the Irish Biotech and Digital Media Industries. Maynooth: [Working Paper]
2009 Van Egeraat, C., Ó Riain, S. and Kerr, A. (2009) Socio-Spatial Structures of Knowledge Flow and Innovation in the Irish Biotech and Digital Media Industries. [Working Paper] [Full-Text]
2008 De Paoli, S. and Kerr, A. (2008) Conceptualising Trust : A Literature Review. [Working Paper] [Full-Text]
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Professional Associations

Description Function From / To
International Association for Media and Communication Research Chair of the Communication Policy & Technology section 01/08/2016 - 31/07/2019
European Sociology Association Member 01/08/2018 -
International Association for Media and Communciations Research Vice-chair Communication Technology & Policy section 01/08/2012 - 31/07/2016
Association for Internet Researchers Member 01/01/2012 -
Sociology Association of Ireland Member 01/01/2006 -
Digital Games Research Association Founding member 01/09/2003 -

Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
14/12/2022 ADAPT Education & Public Engagement Research Excellence Award ADAPT
01/09/2020 Member Academy of Europe, Film Media and Visual Studies section The Academie of Europe/ Academia Europaea
01/02/2019 IASH-SSPS Research Fellowship, University of Edinburgh University of Edinburgh
01/09/2016 Distinguished Scholar Award Digital Games Digital Games Research Association
01/01/2011 Teaching and Learning Innovation Project Award : Maynooth University Maynooth University
01/01/2011 Visiting Scholar in Culture & Communication, University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
01/01/2001 Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow, Dublin City University Irish Research Council
01/10/1995 European PhD moblity fellowship, UNU/INTECH, the Netherlands United Nations University & EU
01/01/1993 Irish American Partnership Postgraduate Fellowship Irish American Partnership Scholar Programme


Committee Function From / To
Maynooth University International Education Committee Faculty Member 03/02/2020 -
AoIR local organising committee Scientific programme, local conference and final conference dinner logistics, planning and delivery. 09/01/2022 - 06/11/2022
Maynooth University Research Committee Faculty representative 03/02/2020 - 01/09/2022
Maynooth University Research Committee Member 01/01/2016 - 31/01/2019
MU, Social Sciences Research Ethics Sub-Committee Sociology representative 01/09/2009 - 31/08/2011
AOIR Local Organising Committee Scientific programme, Conference organisation and logistics, session chairing and editing conference journal special issue 01/11/2019 - 31/10/2020
European Communication Policy Research - EURO-CPR Organisation Committee 01/09/2010 - 01/03/2013


Employer Position From / To
University of Pennsylvania Visiting Lecturer 03/01/2011 - 31/05/2011
Maynooth University Professor 01/09/2005 -
University of Ulster Research Fellow 01/09/2004 - 31/08/2005
Dublin City University Postdoctoral Fellow 01/02/2000 - 30/04/2004
Dublin City University Lecturer 01/02/1998 - 30/05/2001
Griffith College Lecturer 01/09/1994 - 01/07/1998
United Nations University European Research Fellow 01/09/1995 - 30/04/1996


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
DCU MA (by research)

Other Activities

PEGI is the age and content information rating system for digital games across Europe. I was invited to join the experts group at the end of 2014. The Experts Group is a committee of approximately 10 people that consists mainly of academic experts, PEGI administrators (due to daily practical expertise) and video game publishers (specifically age rating specialists). Its role is to discuss any problematic detail of the rating system and to solve issues that were raised by the administrators or the PEGI Management Board.
Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) member, Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies, appointed by the Research Council for Culture and Society at the Academy of Finland. Director: Frans Mayra, Universities of Tampere, Jyväskylä and Turku, 2018-2025.
Advise Foroige in Ireland on the development and deployment of an Online safety education programme for aimed at teenagers and youth.

Editorial / Academic Reviews

Amount Role From / To
Popular Communication Member of the Editorial Board 08/01/2006 -
MEDIA INDUSTRIES JOURNAL Member of the Editorial Board 08/01/2014 -
Social Media + Society Member of the Editorial Board 08/01/2015 -

Outreach Activities

Organisation Type Description
Foroige Civic Society Advisory Board for the Connect Safely Programme. [Link]
Media Literacy Ireland Civic Society An initiative of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to bring together a range of stakeholders to run media literacy events in Ireland. [Link]
Pan European Game Information System Industry Expert Advisor to the games industry content and age classification system for all game systems across Europe. [Link]
ADAPT Centre Civic Society Moderator of ‘Citizens' Think-in on Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Civil Liberties’ Discussion moderator. Open to the public. Part of Science Week and in collaboration with ADAPT - the Global Centre for Digital Content Technology. [Link]

Teaching Interests

Currently Lecturing :
  • Understanding Digital Societies (MA) 
  • Media and Society (UG, 2nd year),
  • Technology and Culture (UG, 3rd year)
  • Special Topics Thesis supervision class (3rd year) Appy Lives: Mobile Apps and Dataveillance
  • Political Economies and Cultures of the Internet (MA)
  • Craft and Logics of Doing a PhD (PhD)
  • Special Topic Thesis Class: Networked Media & the Quantified Self (UG)
  • Advanced Digital Research Methods (MA), 
  • Special Topics Thesis Class - Games and Play;
  • The Sociological Imagination: Culture and Everyday Life (UG), 
  • Fieldwork research methods (UG), 
  • Globalisation and the Media (MA), 
  • Online Research Methods (MA), 
  • Critical Issues in Digital Games (MA), 

Current Students

Student Name Degree Supervision

Recent Students

Graduation date Name Degree
2022 Joshua Moody PhD
2019 Jim Murphy PhD
2016 Oskar Milik PhD
2015 Jean Hogarty PhD
2014 Linda O'Keeffe PhD
2010 Max Keatinge MLitt

Internal Collaborators

Name Company Role Country
John O Brennan Sociology & Politics. Maynooth University Co-PI YouGamSI research project Ireland
Rudi Villing Engineering, Maynooth University PhD training and research collaboration Ireland
Deirdre Desmond Psychology & ALL institute, Maynooth University PhD training and research collaboration
Jane Gray Sociology, Maynooth University Research collaborator Ireland
Seán Ó Riain Sociology, Maynooth University Research and PhD co-supervision Ireland
Delma Byrne Sociology, Maynooth University Co-PI Ireland
Rebecca King O'Riain Sociology, Maynooth University Research Ireland

External Collaborators

Name Role Country
Prof. David Lewis, TCD PI ADAPT centre Ireland
Dr. Marguerite Barry, University College Dublin Research collaborator Ireland
Prof. Preston, Paschal, (Emeritus) Dublin City University Co-PI, GMICP project Ireland
Prof. Stefano De Paoli. University of Dundee, Abertay Research, conference organisation, proposal writing. United Kingdom
Dr. Paul Kitchin, University of Ulster (Belfast) Co-PI United Kingdom
Prof. Dwayne Winseck, Carleton University PI Canada
Dr. Roddy Flynn, Dublin City University Co-PI, GMICP project Ireland
Dr. Chiara Levi, TU Dublin PI on CISC project Ireland
Prof. Jo Pierson, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and University of Hasselt Co-author, proposal writing Belgium
Prof. Frans Mayra, Centre of Excellence in Game Cultures,University of Tampere Co-author Finland