Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Maynooth University Counselling Service is now offering an additional service remotely to students; the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). 

SSP is an integrated listening system providing auditory intervention designed to reduce stress, improve brain function, and regulate your nervous system, your body and your mind.

What is SSP?

SSP is a multi-sensory solution offered through an app with specially modified modern songs/playlists which resonate on the muscles of your middle ear, inducing a state of calm in your nervous system.Benefits of SSP;

SSP has evidence based benefits including improved sleep, improved behavioural/emotional regulation, improved mood and psychological well-being, better attention and focus.  It also reduces stress, anxiety, chronic pain and impulsivity.

What is involved?

SSP consists of 5x 1 hour audio sessions using an interactive app, ideally listened to with over the ear headphones.

Initially you will have an assessment session with one of our counsellors, you will then receive 5x 1 hour sessions in the form of a playlist to work through remotely using the app. 

Your counsellor will check in with you before and after each session and the process concludes with an evaluation session. 

SSP Classical Flow

Experience this all-new non-vocal, trauma-sensitive, and accessible programme which maintains the essential elements and original algorithms of the SSP. Classical Flow is idea for;

  • Users with situational trauma, who may respond to lyrical content
  • Users who are non-English speaking or may react to popular/secular music
  • Users repeating the SSP, promoting interest through variety

The new SSP Classical Flow is designed to remove barriers to the SSP by removing lyrical content while still maintaining the frequency envelope of the human voice through instrumentation. While not exclusively vocal sounds, the frequencies of the instruments have the ability to communicate cues of safety to the listener. Find out more here 

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