Counselling Wellbeing & Mental Health Workshops

The Counselling Service offers a suite of workshops throughout the academic year. These workshops include weekly workshops, workshop series, and one off workshops. 

All workshops are held in An Tobar (ground floor of Student Services Centre) unless indicated otherwise.

Workshop Brochure for Semester One
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Free 10 week Yoga series open to all levels. Learn to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and feel happier with yoga. 
Drop in anytime for a taster class or complete 5 sessions at any point during the semester and receive a free gift! 

Tues October 1st @ 12-1pm Tues February 4th @ 12-1pm
Until... Until...
Tues December 10th @ 12-1pm Tues April 15th @ 12-1pm
No class Tues Oct 29th No class Tues March 19th

Location: An Tobar, Ground Floor, Student Services Centre

Wellbeing and Stress Reduction

Learn to recognise signs and symptoms of stress, practice regulation skills and relaxation techniques

Weds Oct 2nd @ 3.30-4.40pm Weds Feb 5th @ 3.30-4.40pm
Weds Oct 9th @ 3.30-4.40pm Weds Feb12th @ 3.30-4.40pm
Weds Oct 16th @ 3.30-4.40pm Weds Feb 19th @ 3.30-4.40pm
Weds Oct 23rd @ 3.30-4.40pm Weds Feb 26th @ 3.30-4.40pm

Location: An Tobar, Ground Floor, Student Services Centre


Emotional Regulation Group Skills

A 7-week series focusing on understanding our emotional regulation skillset. This will include understanding the fight or flight response, our window of tolerance, and other strategies and practices

Wk 1 An Introduction to DBT. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC
Wk 2 How to tolerate distress and regulate emotions. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC
Wk 3 How the brain can be retrained for improved mental health.. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC
Wk 4 Exploring 'emotional regulation'. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC
Wk 5 Strategies of Self-Care that support self-regulation and wellbeing. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC
Wk 6 Social interactions and relationship skills. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC
Wk 7 Review of skills learnt using a self-compassion lens. 24/25 dates TBC 24/25 dates TBC


Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness Institute for Emerging Adults' Mindfulness Course  developed at Duke University, USA (formerly known as Koru).

Learn mindfulness & meditation in this evidence-based 4 week curriculum designed specifically for college students. You will learn and practice exercises and meditations that will help manage stress, and support self-care and regulation. 

Tues Nov 5th @ 3.15-4.30pm Tues March 4th @ 3.15-4.30pm
Tues Nov 12th @ 3.15-4.30pm Tues March 11th @ 3.15-4.30pm
Tues Nov 19th @ 3.15-4.30pm Tues March 25th @ 3.15-4.30pm
Tues Nov 26th @ 3.15-4.30pm Tues April 1st @ 3.15-4.30pm
Register Here  Register Here 
Retreat: Tues Dec 10th 3-4.30pm Retreat: Tues May 6th 3-4.30pm
Register for Dec 10th Retreat Register for May 6th Retreat

Places limited to 12 students. Registration required:

Location: An Tobar, Ground Floor, Student Services Centre


The Body Project

The Body Project is a four-week programme which equips you with the tools required to address appearance ideals and foster a healthier body image.

By participating in The Body Project, you will not only embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment, but also contribute to creating a generation of young people who are confident, resilient and accepting of their bodies. Find out more here

Dates are dependant on numbers so if you are interested in taking part, please email Barbara


This series offers tips on how to cope with anxiety, how to identify triggers, and how to manage your anxiety. Theory and Practice using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Improve Your Mood Looking at ways to tackle anxiety & low mood via CBT Weds Nov 13th @ 12-1pm Weds March 26th @ 12-1pm
Less Stress, More Success Top tips for managing exam anxiety Weds Dec 4th @ 12-1pm Weds April 30th @ 12-1pm
What to do when 'Panic' attacks Understanding the symptoms of a panic attack & exploring strategies of managing the impact Thurs Dec 5th @ 12-1pm Weds April 30th @ 3.30-4.30pm


Coping with the Impact of Grief & Loss

This workshops helps to understand the impact of grief and loss and how we cope with the emotional & physical loss of someone we love.

Weds November 20th @ 12-1pm Weds April 9th @ 3.30-4.30pm



Dealing with Procrastination - 'Don't Put if Off'

Exploring the factors behind our procrastination habits and strategies to address them. 

Weds November 6th @ 12-1pm Weds March 26th @ 3.30-4.30pm


Chew & Chat

If you would like to meet your fellow students, make new friends, or simply avail of free tea/coffee and biscuits, we would love to see you at our weekly 'Chew & Chat'! 

Starts: Monday October 7th @ 3-4pm
Ends: Monday December 9th  @ 3-4pm


Assertiveness Skills

Weds October 23rd @ 12-1pm Weds March 12th @ 3.30-4.30pm



Building Resilience

Tuesday October 15th @ 3.15pm in An Tobar (Student Services Centre)



Developing Healthy Relationships

Supporting students to get to know each other and promote relationships and boundaries.

Thursday February 13th @ 3.15pm in An Tobar (Student Services Centre)