New Students


Room booking for incoming first year undergraduates for the academic year 2021-2022 will be held on the 8th of September 2021 at 10am on a first come first served basis.

Please also review information about Living in the Scéim Chónaithe if you wish to consider living in the Irish Speaking area - information is on All those commencing a first year undergraduate course whether as a transfer, a deferred place or directly from secondary school will book at this time.

Before booking a room in Student Residences we ask that you consider carefully your own needs, all your other options including commuting, your budget and how well the Student Residences will suit you, particularly given the restrictions that may be necessary due to the ongoing Covid19 situation. Please read the "Before Your Book" section to assist you with your decision Please note there is no option to book a full apartment (to share with friends for example). Booking will be done per room and each booker will choose their own room. If you are travelling to Campus from outside of Ireland you may be required  to restrict your movements on arrival to Campus for a period or up to 14 days (or in the Government Mandatory Quarantine depending on the country you travel from and what countries are on the Government List) before engaging in academic activities on Campus and depending on Government Travel Restrictions in place at the time of your arrival.

If you are seeking to book a room via Scéim, Access Recommendation, Sports Scholarship, Northern Ireland, or as an Academic Scholar you will be contacted by the Residence Office by email once your selection has been confirmed to us. Alternatively contact us on to get confirmation. If in doubt book your room in the general offering for CAO students in the first instance. 
Bookers choose their own room at the time of booking and there is no facilitiy for group bookings. The online booking event is competitive as there are always more bookers than rooms available (about 4 times). So please prepare well in advance and focus on your own booking. If you attempt to book a room in the same apartment with a friend this may indeed slow you down and gives rise to the risk of not getting a room. We do not recommend it. Living on Campus is about meeting new friends and because the residences are all within minutes of eachother in the residential quarter of the North Campus it is easy to meet up with old friends also.

The general booking will be done online as a first come first served offering as usual. The link will be made available on the landing page of the accommodation web pages under the heading "Booking Links"

Once you check into a room in Student Residences you will have access to that room for the full duration (7 days per week including all teaching breaks like reading week or Christmas etc.) of your Licence. We do not offer discounts or refunds for times when you do not occupy your room such as weekends (if you go home)  or holidays you may take away from campus. The Licence is a rental agreement with a start and end date and will operate as such. If you do not occupy your room or you are absent from your room for a period of time there will be no reduction in the costs.  To find accommodation with a pay as you go option you need to consider Home Finder options or Book a Room as you need it with MCCA (Maynooth Campus & Conference Accommodation)

In Student Residences all rent is paid up front before each semester begins. There is no option to pay weekly or monthly as you would in a rented house in the Private Sector (found through Home Finder Service). You will need a bank card (debit or credit) to make your payments. We do not offer invoices or accept cheques or other forms of payment including cash. If you are travelling from outside Ireland you need to ensure that you have the use of a bank card that works internationally.

From time to time we may need to ask you to change rooms. If that becomes necessary we will prepare a like for like exchange in terms of the room type. This does not happen often but it can occur occassionally and we would like you to know and understand this in advance.