New Students


Campus Accommodation for incoming CAO Students will open in Spring for pre-booking on the 29th April 2020 at 10am.  This will be a first come first served online booking process and students will be asked to pay a booking fee using a bank card online. We cannot accept email, paper, personal callers, telephone or any form of  booking. Rooms booked in this process will hold until Round 1 of the CAO offers in mid August. Any bookings which do not have a matching Round1CAO number in August (using the CAO number given by the booker on the booking form - so care with your CAO number when booking!) will be automatically cancelled and listed for a full refund. Refunds will be completed in early October 2020.

Rooms cancelled after round 1 CAO will  be offered for booking on 19 August 2020 using the same first come first served process as in Spring.  

We do not keep a waiting list as we do not expect further first year rooms before check-in date 13 September 2020. An expression of Interest Form will be made available after check-in for any vacancies that arise during semester . Students who register on this expression of interest will receive an email to let them know of any vacancies that arise and booking will again be on a first come first served basis.