New Students


The last booking opportunity for incoming CAO students for 2018-2019 was on 23rd August 2018 at 12 noon. We are now Fuly Booked and any rooms that may arise from now until the end of semester 1 will be flagged on the Home Finder site and on the universtiy accommodation web site

Campus Accommodation for incoming CAO Students opened on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 at 12 noon and was fully booked on the day. A further booking was openend on 23rd August 2018 and now all rooms are fully booked for first year  Booking is done online and first come first served (FCFS). we cannot accept email, paper, personal or telephone or any form of  booking as they cannot be considered or processed.  We do not keep a waiting list. Any cancellations that arise after round 1 of the CAO on 20th August 2018 will be offered on our next booking day of 23rd August 2018.

Details of the booking process and a link to a sample form can be found below

Please also see the First Years Quiet Zone for rooms in a study focused environment, and the Scéim Chónaithe for rooms in an Irish Language speaking  and Irish cultural environment.

For students who do not want or do not have a room in Campus Accommodation the university operates a HOME FINDER SERVICE