Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team (SAT) Terms of Reference

Membership: Chair (3-year term), Head of Department, Academic staff members selected to ensure a balance of both gender and grade, Research staff representative, Administrative staff representative, Postgraduate student representative, Undergraduate student representative.
Reports to: Department of Psychology Staff Committee via Chair

Frequency of meetings: Monthly, although the frequency of meetings may vary depending on the nature and extent of the work ongoing at any one time.

Committee role: The key role of the committee is to identify, report on, and act to address issues relating to gender inequality and/or inclusivity within the Department of Psychology, with a view to ensuring that the Athena SWAN Charter principles are embedded into the culture and workings of the department.

More specific roles of the committee include:

  • To coordinate departmental applications for Athena SWAN awards.
  • To collate and analyse primary and secondary data required for monitoring any gender differences or other potential inequalities within the department.
  • To undertake reviews of the department in terms of gender and/or equality issues.
  • To monitor University-level policies and strategic goals in relation to equality, including consideration of Maynooth University’s Gender Equality Action Plan.
  • To develop and support the implementation of the Department’s Gender Equality Action Plan.
  • To undertake any other relevant activities if so required.