Athena SWAN in the Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is committed to ensuring equality of gender for our staff and students. As part of this commitment, we were successful in securing an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in  2021.

To prepare for our application, we set up a departmental Athena SWAN committee, or Self-Assessment Team (SAT). This team comprised a mix of academic, research and administrative staff, along with postgraduate and undergraduate student representatives. We have diverse experiences, interests and hobbies outside of academia, which we pursue with varying levels of success and enthusiasm. For more detail on SAT members, see our SAT member bios. More recently, this committee has evolved to focus on more broader issues relating to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). 

The key role of our Athena SWAN or EDI committee is to identify, discuss, collate information, and report on issues relating to gender inequality and/or inclusivity within the Department of Psychology, with a view to ensuring that the Athena SWAN Charter principles are embedded into the culture and workings of the department. More detail on the remit of our committee can be seen in our Terms of Reference.

Since our formation, we have collected and analysed a multitude of data to help us better understand our department and, in particular, to identify our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
Learn more about the activities of our committee as we prepared our application, 

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