Staff research interests and areas of expertise cover a wide range of topics, falling into two main research streams:   

  • Health, Mental Health & Community Psychology Research
  • Bio-behavioural Processes, Cognition and Neuroscience Research            

Staff in the Department of Psychology at Maynooth University are highly research active, and enjoy state-of-the-art research facilities and technical support. Over the last decade, our team of academic staff have attracted several million Euros worth of research funding and have published hundreds of scientific research papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well authoring and contributing to numerous books across various research domains. Additionally, researchers in the Psychology Department are involved in numerous high quality international research collaborations with researchers across the globe as well as having formed several local research groups and units.  

The Department houses a fully equipped ERPs research facility, which is home to Ireland's first 128 channel ERPS recorder, a behavioural neuroscience laboratory, a social psychology laboratory, a developmental psychology laboratory, behaviour observation equipment, a computer laboratory, a research laboratory with specifically designed research carrels, a psycho-physiology laboratory equipped with two ERPS machines, as well as a EEG, EKG, GSR and Respiration polygraph, eye tracking devices, a full psychological test library, and a postgraduate and research staff room.

See our staff and postgraduate sections for more detailed information on the research activities of our academic staff members, postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers, or click below for an overview of our two major research streams.