Dependable Software & Computation

From the operation of transportation systems to the control of medical devices, software permeates every aspect of modern life. In order for society to depend upon this software it must be reliable, correct, and efficient.

Dependable software emerges from the core of computation and formal software development, where we use mathematical and formal models to derive software. Aspects of this rely on using mathematical techniques to define or verify the correctness of our computations.

At Maynooth University, we build on our expertise in computation and complexity, meta-logical frameworks, security engineering and information theory to guarantee the correctness of our computations. Our cutting-edge research in software verification, computation econometrics, computable analysis, high performance computing and information security allows us to support the development of robust, efficient and dependable software.

Maynooth University is an ideal Host Institution for a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship and this cluster is interested in finding potential applicants. Find a mentor below or contact  for more information.