What Commercialisation Do

The Commercialisation Office is responsible for the commercialisation of research at Maynooth University.  This includes developing links with industry, protecting and exploiting Maynooth University generated intellectual property (IP) via licensing and business start-ups and embedding a culture of research commercialisation across the University.  A key asset of the Commerialisation Office is our team of experienced people.  Dr John Scanlan is the Director, Lorraine Kane is the Ops Manager, Dr Karen Griffin, Dr Paul Tyndall and Peter Conlon are Commercialisation Executives. Our team has over 80 years combined industry experience. 


Photo LtoR: Paul Tyndall, Karen Griffin, John Scanlan, Lorraine Kane and Peter Conlon.

Each year the Commercialisation Office produces an annual report which summarises our previous years' activity and introduces plans for following year.  (Archived annual reports can be accessed via the menu tab below).

The Office is supported by Enterprise Ireland and Knowledge Transfer Ireland under the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (2013-2016) and Maynooth University is now part of a technology transfer consortium, an alliance led by Maynooth University in partnership with Waterford Institute of Technology, Athlone Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Carlow.  The Consortium is focused on ensuring a professional and efficient approach to the identification, protection and commercialisation of research at each institution and are committed to enhancing the innovative capacity of Irish based industry, working with researchers to ensure collaboration of technology transfer is in line with best practice nationally and internationally.

April 2016

Knowledge Transfer consortium members from MU, WIT, AIT and ITC LtoR:
PConlon MU; BLynch AIT; BOgilvie ITC; KGriffin MU; PTyndall MU; LKane MU; 
JScanlan MU; KKiely WIT; JO'Sullivan WIT; PTreacy WIT.