Both Students and staff members can suffer from epileptic seizures while engaging in activities on Maynooth University campus. Epilepsy Ireland provide excellent information on how a person can assist someone who is experiencing a seizure on campus -

Please see the video below from Epilepsy Ireland advising on what is the best first aid practice when someone is suffering a seizure.


In summary:

  1. If possible, lie the person on the floor and put something under their head if possible
  2. Do not attempt to restrain or lie across the person suffering from the seizure or put anything into their mouth
  3. Time the seizure. If it extends for more than 5 minutes call an ambulance on 999 or 112
  4. Turn the person on their side after the seizure stops
  5. Stay with them until they recover and respond fully
  6. When seizure ceases offer reassurance to the person and make comfortable. If less than 5 minutes clarify with the person if they require medical assistance. 

The Student Health Centre can be contacted (01 7083878) and they can provide guidance and may be able to assess the person post the event.

Please contact security (01 7083929) if an ambulance is contacted and advise them of the location of the person as they can assist the ambulance to get there.

If a person does receive a seizure please report this using the following link:

Useful posters on how to react to a seizure are shown below: