Health & Safety Training

The Health & Safety Office provide regular health and safety training courses both online through IProtectU and in person on campus.  

New Staff and Postgraduates 

On joining Maynooth University, new staff are required to complete the following health and safety training on IProtectU, please click on links below: 
1. MU Health and Safety Induction
2. Fire Safety Awareness Training and assessment 
3. Display Screen Equipment (DSE)Training and associated assessment

The Learning and Development Office also arranges seminars for new starters and this includes a seminar on Health and Safety. New staff should attend this session as soon as possible after they join the University. It will also help participants to decide, in conjunction with their department, what further training they may need.  By the end of the session participants will:

  • understand the University Safety Policy
  • understand their responsibilities in regard to Health & Safety
  • know what actions to take in the event of a fire alarm sounding or other emergency
  • know how to report accidents and incidents
  • be conscious of campus safety

The Health & Safety Office also run specialised safety training as required by Departments.  

Existing Staff and Postgraduates 

As detailed above the Health & Safety Office run safety training as required and in conjuction with Departments.

Details on common external safety training completed in the University is detailed below. As places on all courses are limited it is essential that places are booked in advance with: 

E-Learning health and safety courses are also delivered through IProtectU. Personnel are required to complete refresher training as prompted to by IProtectU. As a minimum requirement, staff should complete the training detailed above under New Staff and Postgraduates. 
A list of online training that can be completed is available here
If you have any queries regarding training please contact Health & Safety and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.