Safety Statement
The University has in place a Framework Safety Statement that outlines the overall Health and Safety measures within the University. A copy of the Framework Safety Statement is available here: MU Framework Safety Statement 2023

Additionally, each department is required to complete their own safety statement based on their operations and associated risks.
The Departmental Safety Statement template is available here:

The safety statement template is to be completed and approved by the Head of Department and then forwarded to the Health and Safety Office for approval. This will then be uploaded under iProtectU as directed.
Department personnel will be advised on the location of their department safety statement and any amendments that have occurred.
Risk Assessments

Department Risk assessments are now completed on the iProtectU system. Under this system, University personnel are requested to complete any risk assessments related to department activities inclusive of field trips and events. If required, please contact the Health and Safety Office to arrange training to complete risk assessments on iProtectU. Completed Risk Assessments can be viewed on the Risk Assessment Register
The following risk assessments can be completed on iProtectU:

Risk assessments can be made private to the department or individual on this system for data protection.
For personnel risk assessments such as pregnancy risk assessments, please contact the health and safety office.

University Safety Guidance Documents

The health and safety office have developed guidance documents that should be adhered to by departments. These guidance documents are available in iProtectU under the “Procedures” section:

These guidance documents are reviewed on an annual basis and are updated as required. Furthermore, new guidance documents will be added as required and departments will be advised of any additions where required.

The current guidance documents available are as follows: 

MU Access and Egress
MU DSE Guidance
MU Field Trip Guidance
MU Hazardous Material Guidance
MU Lecture Theatres and Classroom Guidance
MU Major Events
MU Manual Handling Guidance
MU Office Safety Guidance
MU Fire Safety​
Managing small contractors