First Aid & Medical Emergencies

Emergency Services 112 or 999
Student Medical Centre (through switchboard) (01) 708 3878
Security (24 hour radio) (01) 708 3929

In the event of an accident medical attention may be required.  A member of security should normally be contacted (01) 7083929.  A list of Departmental First Aiders should be posted beside the first aid box and is located at First Aiders on Campus, Maynooth University. A listing of occupational first aiders is updated bi-annually.  Each Department is required to maintain a first aid box, which is adequately stocked.

If an ambulance has been called 112 or 999, Security staff must be contacted to assist.   They will direct the ambulance to the location of the incident.  (Mobile Security Number: 01 7083929).

Information regarding the student health centre is available in the Student Health Centre, Maynooth University.

Note: The Student Health Centre is planned for student non emergency situations.  The health centre can be contated in event of an emergency but guarantee of assistance is not provided.

The scenarios below are recommended to be dealt with in the following manner:

1. Minor Injury: In the event of a minor injury, the First Aider should provide treatment.  All first aid treatment must be recorded.  The person receiving the treatment should be advised to seek medical sttention if their condition worsens.

2. Significant Injury: The first aider should contact 999 or 112 and providw initial treatment until the emergency services arrive. Contact Security to advise of location.  The health centre can be contacted in event of an emergency but guarantee of assistance is not provided. 

3.  Major Injury: The Emergency services must be contacted immediately, 999 or 112.  First aid staff must be alerted to provide assistance to minimise the injuries pending the arrival of the emergency services.  The health centre can be contaced in event of an emergency but guarantee of assistance is not provided.  Contact Security staff 01 708 3929  who can provide assistance and direct emergency services to the correct location on campus.

Out of Hours Medical Service
In the event of outof hours care being required, the emergency services are to be contacted on 999 or 112.

Note All injuries must be reported to the University Safety Office by completing as per the following:

Accident Report, Maynooth University    

It is the University's policy to ensure that staff, students and persons using the Campus receive medical attention if it is required.  Where our first aid or medical staff refers a casualty to the doctor the University will be invoiced.