JDE Dept Reports will run concurrently with the new format BI reports until implementation and training of the BI reports has been completed:
The following is a link to the JDE Dept Reports :

To access the BI Dept. Financial Reports from May 2022: 
If you are on campus, they are available at the following link.

If you are off campus and connected to the VPN, you can use the same link.
If you are off campus and not connected to the VPN they are available through an app.  If you log into https://portal.office.com, choose the icon for BI Reports
This link will open the Financial reports in a new browser window.

Training documents

Key points to note: 

  • The academic year runs from the 1st Oct to the 30th Sept. 
  • The financial reports shows actual income / expenditure by month; cumulative year to date actuals & budget; prior year balance brought forward and balance available to spend.
  • The reports provide information at the summary level - level 1 & 2; and also at the transaction level - transaction reports.
  • It is very important to review the financial reports for your BUs on a regular basis (we recommend monthly).