JDEdwards Departmental Reports:

The following is a link to the new JDEdwards Departmental Reports:


This link will open JDEdwards in a browser window, prompting you for a login (previously supplied).  The recommended browser for using JDEdwards is Internet Explorer or Firefox. 

Training documents:

Key points to note: 

  • The academic year runs from the 1st Oct to the 30th Sept. 
  • The reports in JDE shows actual income / expenditure by month; cumulative year to date actuals & budget; prior year balance brought forward and balance available to spend.
  • The JDE Reports provide information at the summary level - level 1 & 2; and also at the transaction level - transaction reports.
  • It is very important to review the JDE financial reports for your BUs on a regular basis (we recommend monthly).
  • There are training courses offered by the Financial planning team, every quarter at two levels: 1) New users and 2) Improvers.