The Financial Planning team is responsible for:

  • Budgeting (short and medium term)
  • Monitoring expenditure against budget
  • Monitoring department expenditure trends across the University. 
  • Evaluating costings for proposed initiatives. 
  • Full Economic Costing (FEC)
  • Training to department administrative support personnel and heads of departments on Financial Reports availanble in JDE.

In addition Business Partners, work closely with all budget holders and meet with them on a continuous basis to provide financial support. 

The Financial Planning Team

Head of Financial Planning Jane Corcoran Tel: 708 6696
Budget Accountant. Conor Gillespie Tel: 708 3797
Business Partner: Academic Depts. Cheryl Forde Tel: 708 6144
Business Partner: Support Areas Treasa Lawler Tel: 474 7367