Staff Expenses Reimbursement

This process covers payments to staff for reimbursement of expenses incurred wholly, exclusively & necessarily on University business to include travel costs and other incidentals. 
From 01 Oct 2018 all staff expenses must be claimed using new online Core HR portal.

Accommodation & Subsistence

The University will pay for accommodation and subsistence for individuals including employees, students and visitors travelling on behalf of the university provided that they are wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred on university business.  Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of vouched receipts only.  The accommodation and subsistence rates published by the Department of Finance (see Finance circulars) will be used as a guideline and invoices or claims outside these rates will need to be justified before they are approved for payment. 

These subsistence rates are for guidance only.  Maynooth University will only pay expenses based on vouched receipts.  These rates are a guide as to what is a reasonable amount of expenses per day. Daily rates / per diems cannot be claimed except if approved in advance by the Finance Office for travel to developing countries only.