Student Support

The Disability Office have put in place a range of supports to ensure that students with disabilities have the same opportunities for participation and progression as the rest of the University community.  

Here are 12 tips once you complete your registration with the Disability Office.



1: Link in with your assigned Disability Advisor
2. Use the live ASK chat on the website to answer any queries and to arrange to speak with an advisor
3. Attend the Technology Transition Programme
4. Check out these education technology resources
5. Talk with your MAP Academic Advisor for any academic concerns
6. Check Student Web for details of your exam supports
7. Come along to MAP My Way throughout your first semester
8. Check the Disability Supports section of Student Web contains all your agreed supports
9. Schedule an appointment if you'd like to review your supports
10. Avail of the Student Helpdesk, Maths Support Centre, Academic Writing Centre, LIST, Student Health Centre, Counselling Service and the Student Budgeting Advice Service
11. Keep up to date with Moodle
12. Check your Maynooth University email regularly for communications