MAP Academic Advisors

Every student’s academic journey is different.  For some students who have a disability, an illness, a mental health issue or a specific learning difficulty there may be an academic impact where they feel less in control of their academic work or feel that they are not performing to their academic ability. For some students, their personal circumstances may be having a negative impact.

In order to ensure that students are supported as effectively as possible all academic departments have appointed a lecturer as a MAP Academic Advisor. These advisors have a clearly defined role to assist students supported by MAP with academic course-related queries and concerns.

Academic issues that might arise can include difficulties accessing the curriculum. This may be because a student has not been able to attend classes all the time and is slipping behind or finding it harder to get assignments in on time and just wanting to talk to somebody about how to address this issue. Students with disabilities may have concerns about how their examination supports are being provided for in course assessments. They may feel that because of their print disability, that taking good notes in lectures is a real problem and that it is making it harder to keep up with the course content.

Many students will only experience difficulties at particular times during their academic journey and therefore may only require short term or very specific supports.  For some students however these issues can become overwhelming and can threaten not only their academic participation but perhaps students may even feel like leaving their course.

MAP Academic Advisors can also ensure that students don’t need to talk with all of their lecturers about the issue, as they can offer a coordinated point of access and support. Often the academic issue can be easily resolved within the department. Sometimes the MAP Academic Advisor will refer a student to other supports within the University or back to MAP. Sometimes there may be indicators of an underlying specific learning difficulty (SLD) such as dyslexia and the student may wish to avail of SLD screening. The important thing is that students know that there is an academic contact within each Department who can offer academic guidance and support when needed.

This is the current list of MAP Academic Advisors (pdf 326 KB) for the academic year 2018-2019 and the Guide for MAP Academic Advisors (pdf 8.13 MB).