Welcome to the Maynooth University Writing Centre.   The Writing Centre is located in Block 2, Room B11/B12, Education House, North Campus.

The Maynooth University Writing Centre offers free, friendly, non-judgemental writing help to any student, undergraduate or postgraduate, regardless of course, degree or level. The support we offer is primarily through one-to-one appointments, where students can discuss their writing with peer/expert tutors.  In addition, Writing Centre staff offer writing workshops, support writing groups, engage in discipline specific work, and research in academic writing and related fields. 

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at the Centre.

Dr Adeline Cooney
Maynooth University Writing Centre
Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The Writing Centre opens on Monday, 11th October 2021.

Please email us at writingcentre@mu.ie to book a one-to-one appointment.
Appointments are available at the times listed below. 
Please note appointments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (10.00am, 11.00am and 12.15pm) are on-line.

Time Monday Tuesday
Online Appointments
in the morning
Wednesday Thursday
Online Appointments
in the morning
10.00 - 10.45 one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one
11.00 - 11.45 one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one
12.15 - 1.00 one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one
1.00 - 1.45 one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one one-to-one
2.00 - 2.45 one-to-one one-to-one Closed one-to-one Closed
3.15 - 4.00 one-to-one one-to-one Closed one-to-one Closed
4.00 - 4.45 one-to-one one-to-one Closed one-to-one Closed
  • Please note: one-to-one appointments last 45 minutes. 
  • One-to-one appointments can be booked by e-mail to writingcentre@mu.ie
  • To avoid disappointment, you should contact us at least five working days before the date on which you would like an appointment. 
  • When you get in touch with us to book an appointment, please give us some options of days and times you are available, so we can find a slot that suits you. 
  • Also, let us know if you prefer to meet on-line or face to face.

If you have any questions about the Writing Centre or if you wish to make an appointment, please email us on writingcentre@mu.ie.

Writing Centre Student Moodle Space

Further information regarding the Centre’s opening hours and specific services will be posted on the Centre’s Moodle space. This can be accessed through the Maynooth University Moodle homepage or at this link:  https://moodle.maynoothuniversity.ie/course/view.php?id=4050#section-1

There are a range of resources available to you on our Moodle page including:

  • essay writing resources
  • referencing guides
  • grammar and punctuation guides

Check out our Table of Contents (on Moodle) for a full overview of the resources available.

We also have an academic writing guide, which was developed by Writing Centre staff, and is hosted on the University Library pages:http://nuim.libguides.com/academicwriting

Undergraduate Essay Writing Competition  2021-2022

In Semester 2 each year, we run an essay writing contest.  This competition is open to all registered Maynooth University Undergraduate Students.  Full details of the competition theme, eligibility and adjuticating process will be made available here in Semester 2.

Inaugural Undergraduate Essay Competition

The Writing Centre organised the Inaugural Undergraduate Essay Competition in 2020/2021 to showcase and celebrate student writing.  The theme was Student Success.
Our congratulations go to Alisha Harper (Bachelor of Arts) winner of the competition, and Damajanti Kondres (Bachelor of Arts) and Anastacia Furs (Bachelor of Arts) who were awarded runner up prizes in the contest. 

Essay Writing Workshops for First Year Undergraduate Students

We are offering a series of workshops on Essay Writing, commencing on Monday 11th October 2021. This course comprises of seven workshops in total, each of one hours’ duration, delivered over two weeks.  The workshops will cover topics such as: interpreting essay titles, structuring an essay, and the writing process, among others.  For further information on this course, please contact us at writingcentre@mu.ie 

Writing Centre Resources for Staff

Colleagues working in academic departments may find this guide to integrating writing in the classroom useful: 
Writing to Learn: In Class Writing Activities (2017):Writing to Learn: In Class Writing Activites (2017)

Colleagues might also be interested in this infographic which captures key outputs and features of our work, since we began in 2011. Writing Centre Outputs and Features

Writing Centre Resources for Writing Centre Colleagues

Part of our work in the University Writing Centre has involved collaborating with colleagues nationally and internationally to research and publish work which will guide our practice.  The following are co-authored publications of this nature:

The Maynooth University Guide to Setting Up A Writing Centre: http://eprints.maynoothuniversity.ie/6656
University Writing Centre Tutoring Handbook: http://eprints.maynoothuniversity.ie/view/creators/O=27Brien=3ASarah=3A=3A.html
Higher Education Writing Centres:   An Introduction to Higher Education Writing Centres
An Introduction to Tutoring in the Writing Centre (2017): http://eprints.maynoothuniversity.ie/9329/