Certificates & Short Courses in Adult Education

People take our part-time courses for all kinds of reasons:  

  • Some people take them as they want to know more about how to become active in their local community;
  • Others have been out of formal education for a number of years and see this as a good way to test the waters of college education;
  • Our 'Train the Trainer' course ensures that trainers have the essential competencies necessary to meet the training challenges that they are faced with in today’s changing world.
  • Our Continuing Professional Development courses aim to help professionals to stay abreast of best practice in their field, in subjects including change management.

The motivations of adults who engage in learning with us are many and varied however the individual sense of achievement that all of our students feel on completion of their chosen programme is remarkable.
The duration of our courses last from 15 weeks to 26 weeks and are delivered both here on campus in Maynooth and in our outreach centres around the country, while some are online. 

For more detailed informatin please visit the Department of Adult and Community Education website.