Adult Education takes a very different approach to teaching and learning than a lot of people will have encountered through their previous educational experiences.  We value the knowledge that people bring with them from their everyday life and work with the student to bring them through the learning process.  Some of the key words that Adult educators use in their work are respect, inclusion, democracy and transformation. Putting these ideas into practice in a learning environment is exciting but can also be a challenge to people returning to education after a period of time and especially if this is their first venture into Higher Education.  For many people the best way to test the water is to begin with one of our short certificate courses.  Here typically, the student will attend class one evening per week for 3 hours with maybe 3 or 4 Saturdays added throughout the year.  Classes will be small and the learning that takes place within the classroom between the students and guided by our facilitators who oversee the course content and delivery has been described as life changing and the best learning experience that people have ever had.

If you are interested in studying for personal reasons or for career development take a look at the courses that are listed below.   We have a wide range of Continuing Education and CPD in Training and Development programmes with different closing dates. 

NB: Covid 19:  Over the past year during the Covid 19 pandemic we managed to deliver our courses in most instances in person, reverting to remote teaching where this was mandated by goverment guidelines. We plan to continue with this practice in 2022-2023 as we recognise and value the learning environment as central to the student experience.  However, we will need to be flexible in our approach and therefore we are also preparing for Blended delivery of courses. This will mean that depending on the advice from the government regarding controle measures we might have to switch to Teams, Video or Moodle classes at short notice. As a consequence, people who are thinking of applying for our certificate courses for the coming year will need access to a PC or Laptop to take part in distance learning. There are a number schemes run by Maynooth University Student Services such as the Laptop Loan Scheme and the Student Assistance Fund that registered students can apply for so do not let this put you off. 

Watch the video at the following link to find out more about our Continuing Education and Part-Time programmes

Dr Derek Barter,
Continuing Education Coordinator,
Dept. of Adult and Community Education,
Maynooth University.