Courses offered in the Department of Adult and Community Education foster dialogue and discussion, with the aim of enabling participants to critically reflect on their role in civil society. We offer certificates, diplomas, degrees, higher diplomas, masters and doctorates. ​Please visit Our Courses pages for more details.

Maynooth University Student Budgeting Advice Service

Did you know we have a full time Student Budgeting Advisor to help with financial questions? The Student Assistance Fund is now open to Part Time Students who are taking Adult Education courses. The course must span at least 1 academic year but can be at any level from 6 -10 on the QQI framework.
You don’t need to be in trouble with money. You can talk about anything – budgeting, food, travel, working, childcare, college and where to get more funding. The Student Budgeting Advisor is part of Student Services. The service is confidential. Once you are registered with MU you just contact the Student Budgeting Advisor to apply. If you want more information check out Money Matters. Part-time students can book an appointment online just e-mail to request a time to schedule a phone call.